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Do Secret Government Files Reveal a UFO Coverup?


Recently, a series of classified government documents dating back to the 1940's were de-classified and released to the public (although in a quiet and very unpublicized way).  These documents pertain to the research of extra-terrestrial life (Project Blue Book) and investigation of UFO reports that consumed an entire government organization for years, before the project was disbanded.  It is the opinion of many experts in the field that the project was getting too much public attention that could have eventually threatened the nation's defense security.  Has the project continued under a highly secretive cover-up?  Now you can decide as we present to you the original government evidence that in many cases still presents as much of a mystery as it did before the documents were uncovered . . . . . . .


We now investigate the strange animal mutilations that were reported throughout much of the country over a period of years during the 1970's.  It was not long after this that reports of human mutilations by extra-terrestrial abductors began to surface . . . . . . .





Actual Photographic Evidence of Typical Cattle Abductions





Do you think you may have been abducted and mutilated by extra-terrestrials, or have experienced a close encounter of the third kind?  Report your experience to your local MUFON investigator.  Here is a recent report filed by local field investigator, Steve Vallone:


"Official Field Investigation Report"


    Case File Number:  XNY32687ROC1499
Possible CE-5 Abduction

    Field Investigator:
Stephen R. Vallone
Hilton, NY

Donald J. Vallone Jr.
Age: 36
Occupation: Computer Software Engineer (XEROX) Corp.
Credibility: ( HIGH )

    The Investigation:

     On the morning of 10-16-99, at approximately 2:00am, the witness was working on a computer related project when he decided to retire for the evening. When he went to bed he started to cough severely and decided to sleep in the computer room so he would not disturb his wife. Upon laying down, he became aware of a strange paralyzing feeling. He then noticed the light in the room flicker on and off. It was at this point that he was totally paralyzed and felt strange pressure on his shoulders. He was unable to see anything but heard strange noises emanating from the inside of the room. The noises sounded as if someone was typing on a keyboard, but somehow different. He also described the sound of feet milling around the room. At this point he was completely terrified. The noises continued for several minutes, he then tried to lift his head and try to open his eyes to get a look but instead was struck in the face and pushed down on the bed. He was not able to see anything, he just felt terror as he lay there listening feeling helpless. After what seemed like 15 to 20 minutes of this frightening experience, he felt as if the paralysis was lifting. He then was shocked to hear a voice coming from down stairs in the kitchen. After listening for a few seconds and becoming more aware of his surroundings he recognized the voice as being his brother (the investigator) on the phone. Realizing the time, he was surprised anyone would be calling at that time of the morning. The final aspect of the experience was immediately after he heard the answering machine. At this point he was now able to open his eyes and seen a bright light outside of his window and heard loud scrapping on the driveway as if someone was dragging something across it. The light disappeared and he was free to move. This is a preliminary report, and when and if more details become available, further reports will follow.

Stephen R. Vallone, Field Investigator



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Back in the 1970's, the first detailed pictures of Mars were transmitted to Earth courtesy of  the Viking Mission.  Now, robotic spacecraft are landing on the surface of the red planet to answer the age old question of whether or not there is or ever was life on Mars.  Do Martians exist in one form or another?  Perhaps not as the little green men Hollywood has fantasized about for decades, but life in a variety of forms probably existed and may still exist in the polar ice caps of the planet.  In 1997, the Mars Pathfinder touched down on the Martian surface, sampling soils and taking pictures of the Martian landscape.  There were no Martian houses or roads, but life as we know it would not exist in the deserts near the equator of Mars.  When the orbiting Mars space station called the "Global Surveyor" began collecting data on the atmosphere and taking pictures of active volcanoes and deep canyons carved into the Martian surface, it became more apparent that Mars had a similar geologic history to that of Earth.   The deeply carved canyons suggest the presence of running water, that now resides as frozen glaciers near the polar regions of the planet.  These icy reservoirs could hold the secrets of life on Mars.  The Mars Polar Lander is sending back information about this very region of Mars in this month's historic first landing of a spacecraft from Earth at the very place where life may still be present.  The spacecraft was scheduled to land and transmit the first data back to Earth on December 3rd.  However, something went wrong.  NASA lost contact with the Lander.  Did something happen to the Lander after it reached the surface of Mars?  Has the Lander already encountered life forms, which may possess intelligence?  Unpublicized government investigations continue . . . . .



Provided by MUFON investigator, Steve Vallone

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