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Welcome to my CoCo Cafe!  This page is dedicated to my Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer II.  Back in the early 1980s personal computers were just starting to emerge on the computing scene.  All those decades ago, the cutting edge of computer technology included "DOS" and "BASIC" programming environments with 32K of RAM if you could afford it!  One of the most affordable machines out there for the home was the TRS-80 Color Computer from Radio Shack.  There were three models during the decade that offered users an upgrade from 32K to 64K and finally to 128K of RAM once it became affordable to manufacture.  My machine is the 64K version that supported "Extended BASIC" programming language!  There was no connected to a portable television antenna input.  There was no hard recorded and loaded programs from cassette tape!  Later on I would purchase fancy peripherals such as a Dot Matrix Printer and the ultimate luxury - a 5 1/4" floppy disk drive to replace the cassette player!  I programmed a ton of games and utilities with that machine.  I hope to post some of those here in time.  There are several emulator programs available that you can use on a modern Windows machine to run the old software.  I will continue to update this page as this project comes together!  I also have a stack of old Radio Shack catalogs that I saved, being ever so eager to save up for the next big CoCo peripheral to expand my system.  Sadly, the CoCo was discontinued in the early 1990s.  I am digging up those old catalogs to share with you here as well!






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